Frequently Asked Questions

where do i find valid test credit card numbers?

If you have the processing mode configured to “Test”, you cannot process real credit cards. This is done to ensure that you do not charge cards by accident. We have prepared a list of credit card numbers for you that you can use to test transactions.

You can find the list of test credit cards here.

How can I Pay Multiple invoices with a card at once?

Customers often have multiple outstanding invoices and want to pay them with credit card at once. This is easy to achieve with NAV-X Credit Card. You can navigate to the Customer Ledger Entries for the particular customer and then select the action “Charge Card – multiple Invoices”. This will open a page allowing you to select all invoices you want to pay and then select the one or more credit cards to 

How do I settle a batch?

With NAV-X Credit Card it is not necessary to manually close or settle a batch. You can define a time on the gateway to automatically close batches. An automated process running on the job queue is retrieving batch information as well as credit card transaction information to update the transactions and batch statuses.